A short Olympic Story

Finding my ambition

This is the story of a boy called Steve who lived in Cameroun, Africa.  He was a young white teen fan of athletics, the only one white in his course. He had a lot of friends and dreams too. He always wondered if he could ever reach a good position on a podium of an athletic competition but he had lots of good rivals. He really looked up to a student of his school who beat the National record of 100m but he had never talk to him yet as he was one year older than Steve.

The Olympic Games were being held that year. Tickets for the athletics stadium were already sold out three weeks after they had been on sale.  Steve could not raise enough money in that time to buy a ticket for him and his friend Essien. Anyways, he went to see the torch relay next to his house. The girl who Steve and Essien saw running with the Olympic torch had walking problems but she achieved it thanks to the support of people encourage. People were so euphoric! That moment made Steve feel like he could do anything so he decided to train for the next athletics competition as his personal little challenge.

Steve run every day with his dog pet after drinking a disgusting juice made of eggs and banana which was said to be a good supply of proteins to him. However, he failed because his sneakers broke just 20m before the goal. He felt so bad for it… Then, Steve saw that guy he admired so much. He felt worse after Steve discovered that he was racist with white people. So bad he felt that, when he got home, he started breaking chairs and lamps until he realized that he was holding a sofa over his head. He decided to practice weightlifting. He only had some car wheels for training. He took the tires from those wheels and started training every morning again and he didn’t have to use his red shorts he hated so much.

20 years later, Steve got the golden medal in the Olympic Games and became a true champion whereas the racist black guy ended up in drugs and expelled for doping.

Gonzalo Mier Uría


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