Origin of the Olympic Games

History of the Olympics throughout the years

The Ancient Olympic Games were a series of competitions and religious acts which were created when the Ancient Greece was still an empire in the year 776 BC. Their aim was challenging the periods of war. In fact, while the Olympic games were being realized, there was a time of peace and the wars stopped. The Olympics aim was also honor the Gods, specially Zeus.All this was an aid to get unity and the winners of the different competitions were treated as heroes all over the empire.The sports played during the first olympics were: discus, javelin, long jump, chariot races, pentathlon, wrestling and dance. But, in the year 393 AD,  the emperor Theodosius I banned the pagan cults, and one of them was the Olympics. 
In the XIX century an idea came up: Reviving the Ancient Olympic games. The man who manage all this great project was a noble french, Pierre Frèdy,who,supported by many other powerful people,get the Olympics to be celebrated for the first time after the Greeks in 1986. And, to honor their creators, the Olympics were celebrated in Athens. This competition is a symbol of the unity, friendship and peace involving all the continents (that’s why the Olympics symbol is formed by five joined rings). Regarding to sports, nowadays there is a bigger quantity of them: athletics, badminton, basketball, handball, boxing, cycling, swimming, water polo, horse riding, football, gymnastic, hockey, judo, fight, kayaking, pentathlon, tennis, taekwondo, ping-pong, triathlon, volleyball, fencing, archery, weightlifting,sailing…

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